A parent from Angus

Derek Buchan has been such a wonderful piano teacher for my children. We moved to Angus from the western US three years ago and desperately wanted our three children to continue their piano studies. I worried that their love of piano was wavering and that, without an excellent teacher, they would abandon it altogether.

Then a mutual friend recommended Derek. He has made ALL the difference.

Three years on, my kids are eager and 100% engaged in piano. They love Derek. They love his kindness and words of encouragement. They love that he pushes them to improve and grow. As a parent, I love that my children have leaped forward in their piano skills. I appreciate that Derek keeps them engaged in piano and has fostered a tremendous love of the instrument in my children.

They have soared. I also appreciate that Derek incorporates plenty of musical theory and even original composition into his lessons. He has also been brilliant at helping the children prepare for their piano exams. We feel so grateful to have found him!

Nigel Clayton, Professor of Piano, Royal College of Music, London